Find a Heat Pump Repair Company in San Diego, CA

Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning can make your heat pump like new

Is your heat pump system blowing cool air when you want it to be warm? That's an obvious sign your pump needs to be repaired. Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning offers heat pump repair and replacement at homes and businesses in San Diego, CA. Our highly trained HVAC technicians will inspect your system to identify the problem and make the necessary fix.

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We'll identify the issues with your heat pump

We'll identify the issues with your heat pump

Our HVAC technicians are experienced working with the mechanical and electrical components of HVAC systems. We can fix issues with any part of your heat pump, including those involving:

  • Capacitors
  • Compression
  • Heating coils
  • Fan motors
  • Reversing valves
  • Electrical control systems
We can also replace your heat pump if it's beyond repair. Our owner is on-site for every heat pump repair job in San Diego, CA to make sure the work is done correctly. Reach out to us now to get your heat pump working properly again.